Mission & Ojectives

Mission Statement

Our mission at Ride McCall is to unite mechanized and motorized recreation groups, promote local business and support local clubs who advocate for shared access and responsible land use.  We all share a common interest in recreation on our public lands and aim to promote and unite clubs and groups who are willing to stand together and create a stronger voice.   

United we can stand together to maintain, designate and preserve public land use and access for generations to come.  It seems it each year we lose a little more access to our land.  Our goal is to build a strong and balanced off-road and outdoor community.

Ride McCall Objectives & Goals

  • Raise awareness of public land ownership and our rights to it.
  • Advocate for responsible and shared use of our motorized and mechanized access on public lands.
  • Promote our local clubs and associations that represent motorized and mechanized recreationists.
  • Raise funds to be put towards snowmobile trail grooming, summer trail maintenance, legal funds and other groups that benefit or enhance our recreation activities.
  • Provide an online resource for visitors that includes information on local services, trail maps, events, weather conditions and area news related to or affecting off road recreationists.
  • Provide a promotional resource and social media outlet for area vendors and industry manufacturers that provide relative services and / or products.