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Snowmobile and Off-Road clubs help preserve and protect access to public lands, promote responsible and shared use, help maintain trails and roads, and host fun events for families and friends to participate in!  Please join our local snowmobile and off-road clubs to help them in their valiant efforts!  Just a membership is enough – a simple sign up and small fee supports our clubs whether you are active with the club or not.

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McCall Aea Snowmobile Club

McCall Area Snowmobile Club

McCall, Idaho
“The “Club” has and is doing many activities that support our community as well as the community of our fellow snowmobilers. We need more active members to help in these continued efforts. If you believe any of these missions are important, please join today and help us in our continued efforts to promote and support this great sport of Snowmobiling!”

Meets:  2nd Wednesday of Every Month (October – April)

Annual Rides:  [ Winter Carnival Snowmobile Fun Run ] / [ Disabled Veterans Ride ]

Memberships:  [ McCall Area Snowmobile Club Membership ]

Club Website:  [ ]

Facebook Page:  [ McCall Area Snowmobile Club Facebook Page ]

Donnelly Snowmobile Cub

Donnelly Snowmobile Club

Donnelly, Idaho
“Donnelly Snowmobile Club exists to make snowmobiling more fun for its members by initiating and supporting snowmobile projects and events done in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.”

Next Meeting:  Friday, December 2nd, 2016 @ 7pm

Annual Ride:  [ Donnelly Snowmobile Club Fun Run – Dec. 31st, 2016 ]

Memberships:  [ Donnelly Snowmobile Club Memberships ]

Club Website: [ ]

Facebook Page:  [ Donnelly Snowmobile Club Facebook Page ]

Cougar Mountain Snowmobile Club

Cougar Mountain Snowmobile Club

Smith’s Ferry, Idaho
“We have recently joined the Idaho ATV Association and are progressing back to being an Off-Road Recreation Club. We have many great volunteers that work so hard to support our snowmobile passions that also have motorcycles, ATV’s, UTV’s or even boats that we wanted to go back to our original roots and become that Off-Road Recreation Club that a family could join, become a member of one club and also become members of two great associations that have worked very diligently to keep our access open to some awesome riding areas; the Idaho State Snowmobile Association and the Idaho ATV Association.”

Meets:  1st Wednesday of Each month

Annual Ride:  [ Cougar Mountain Annual Fun Run – Mid January ]

Memberships:  Visit Website and click “Memberships” in menu.

Club Website:  [ ]

Facebook Page: [ Cougar Mountain Snowmobile Club Facebook Page ]

West Mountain Snowmobile Club

The West Mountain Snowmobile Club is based out of Cascade, Idaho.  The club hosts the annual Winter Jamboree snowmobile ride.

Annual Ride:  [ Winter Jamboree – President’s Day Weekend ]

Memberships:  [ West Mountain Snowmobile Club Membership Form – PDF ]

Facebook Page:  [ West Mountain Snowmobile Club Facebook Page ]

Idaho State Snowmobile Association

Idaho State Snowmobile Association

“The Idaho State Snowmobile Association is an organization dedicated to preserving,protecting, and promoting snowmobiling in the great state of Idaho.

Our members may come from every corner of the state, but they all share one thing in common: their love for snowmobiling.”

The Idaho State Snowmobile Association is one of Idaho’s biggest advocates for the sport of snowmobiling! The ISSA helps protect and maintain snowmobile access and provides snowmobile education. It also provides accidental death insurance, gear discounts and scholarships to it’s members. A family membership is only $20 per year and a business membership is only $50 per year.  Visit the website link below to become a member and support snowmobiling in Idaho!

Annual Ride:  [ Idaho State Snowmobile Association State Ride ]

Memberships:  [ Idaho State Snowmobile Association Membership ]

Club Website: [ ]

Facebook Page [ Idaho State Snowmobile Association Facebook Page ]

Central Idaho Trail Riders Alliance (CITRA)

The Central Idaho Trail Riders Alliance is a new local organization devoted to preserving local riding areas, maintaining trails, and promoting responsible trail use.

They held their first meeting October 12th, 2016 in McCall will continue to meet each month.

“A number of recent events as well as current land management trends have given several of us cause to believe that now, more than ever, we trail enthusiasts need to unite to create a collective voice with a goal of preserving our right to enjoy trails as our grandparents did.”

Meetings:  3rd Wednesday of each month

Membership:  [ CITRA Membership ]

Club Website:  [ ]

Facebook Page: [ Central Idaho Trail Riders Alliance Facebook Page ]

Idaho State ATV Association

“The mission of the ISATVA is to focus on six primary areas; Participation, Education, Land Management, Lobbying, Cooperation, and Advancement.”

Working to keep the roads and trails open for all is the over-riding goal of the Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA).The association was created to fill a need for ATV users in Idaho to have a unified voice speaking for all ATV users. The association was a result of the 2009 merger of the Idaho ATV Association and the Gem State ATV Association. With the merger of these two organizations, Idaho now has an organization representing all of Idaho.

Website:  [ ]

Membership:  [ Click here ]

Payetter Avalanche CenterPayette Avalanche Center


The National Forest Payette Avalanche Center (PAC) is provided by the Friends of the Payette Avalanche Center, a 501(c) 3 non-profit group, with a mission to support avalanche awareness and education in the West Central Mountains of Idaho through a partnership agreement with the PAC.

Website:  [ ]

PFC Land Allocation Committee

Meets:  3rd Wednesday of Every Month

Place: Idaho First Bank, McCall – Open to the Public

Agenda / Topics:  Snowmobiling, ATV & UTV Use, Backcountry Skiing, Equestrian

To review the current designations for recreation uses, describe lessons learned from the Winter Forum and discuss ways to improve the experiences of both snowmobilers and backcountry skiers as well as other user groups.

The meeting is sponsored by the Payette Forest Coalition (PFC), a collaborative group working to build diverse community support for forest restoration projects on the Payette National Forest.

For more information, visit:  [ ]

Payette Forest Coalition

Meets:  3rd Thursday of Every Month

Place:  Visit Website link for more info.

Agenda / Topics:  A collaborative group working to build diverse community support for forest restoration projects on the Payette National Forest. The group represents a range of interests in the Payette National Forest.  A common bond is the recognition that current forest conditions depart from those desired.  Landscape scale restoration can transition the forest towards improved conditions and address five goals of the Coalition’s diverse interests: Wildlife, Wildfire, Watershed Health, Access and Recreation, and Restoration Economics.

The PFC formed a Land Allocation Committee to review current land designations, assess what is and is not working, and develop recommendations. The group is hosting a series of listening sessions to hear from various stakeholders on their perspectives on land management designations. Meetings are open to all members of the public.

For more information, visit: [ ]