Land Issues

Below are links to land issues and news pages that the off-road community should be following.  Please support your snowmobile and off-road clubs to help with our stance on land issues and access.  If we do nothing, we will loose precious riding areas and trails to groups that believe motorized and mechanized travel do not belong on public lands.  A simple membership helps provide funds and shows our numbers!

Snowmobiles, motorcycles, UTVs and ATVs have lost many acres of land and miles of trails already – some loss might be necessary to preserve and protect special habitat or species but much loss has been to special use recreational groups who have successfully lobbied to shut down trails and areas, often by gaining support from the general unknowing public who have been mislead about the impacts of off-road or off-highway vehicle recreation on our lands.  Public lands should not just be accessible to a select few user groups, especially since the positive backcountry experience for people is more important than ever for our “wired” society!  And any potential negative impacts on land and wildlife habitat are very manageable and preventable and far, far less expensive than the litigation special use groups go through to shut down access to other user groups.  Where the Forest Service or other government agencies lack funds to manage and maintain trails, the local clubs and organizations will step up!  We have to work together to create and / or maintain a great experience for all recreational user groups on our public lands while minimizing impact to our natural resources.

Idaho State Snowmobile Association “Land News”

Idaho State Snowmobile Association Land News

Central Idaho Trail Riders Alliance

Central Idaho trail riders alliance, CITRA, is a McCall, ID based, All volunteer 501(c)3 organization determined to preserve the time honored tradition of trail motorcycle riding. We are dedicated to maintaining our existing trail network as well as ensuring motorized access. CITRA realizes the importance of partnerships with land managers as well as other user groups. We are also committed to educating motorcyclists with regard to trail etiquette and responsible use.

News Section

“With regard to Lands Management, we continue to participate on several fronts including The Land Allocation Branch of the Payette Forest Coalition where we are charged with reviewing current designations and making recommendations to the PFC which will be carried forward to the Payette Nat. Forest. We are involved in the South Fork Restoration and access management plan and hope to help shape our future on the Krassel. We’re committed to helping the Payette Nat. Forest with several projects this year including a brand new bridge over French Creek at Jenkins Crossing as well as the first phase of a trail improvement project on some of the wet portions of the Jackson Creek Trail.”