McCall Area Off-Road – Dirt Bike / Motorcycle, UTV & ATV

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Dirt biking in the Payette National Forest surrounding McCall.

McCall offers trails and routes for every rider or driver – from families exploring the historic backcountry to hard core riders looking for the ultimate single track challenge through the rugged and majestic mountains surrounding the area from McCall to Cascade in all directions!

We highly recommend using the interactive Idaho Trails Online website to explore routes and trails designated for motor vehicles.  >> Idaho Trails Online 

The U.S. Forest Service also has motor vehicle use maps available for download or as a folded paper map available at various locations throughout the area. >> USFS Maps

Cell service is not typically available outside of McCall but you can use apps on your phone to help you find or track your routes. >> Phone Apps

Trail clearing is a daunting and never ending  task in our forests!  We have several agencies and private organizations that spend countless hours removing the fall all season long.  >> Trail Clearing

Below are several recommended areas and destinations for motorcycle, UTV, ATV & 4X4 travel.  Use the map and trail sources in the links above to explore these routes and areas further.

UTV, ATV & 4×4:

Single Track for Off-Road Motorcycles (Dirt Bikes):

Visit the Parks & Rec interactive trail map to explore the single track available for motorcycles and 50″ or less ATVs.  Use area names to zoom into specific locations or simply start exploring near one of our areas names towns (McCall, Donnelly, Cascade, New Meadows, Idaho).

[ Interactive Trail Map Link ]

Popular Areas:

  • Burgdorf (North of McCall, Idaho)
  • West Mountain (West of McCall, Donnelly, & Cascade, Idaho)
  • East Mountain (Southeast of Cascade, Idaho)
  • New Meadows (Northwest of McCall, Idaho)

For alerts and notices in the Payette National Forest, follow this link:

UTV, ATV & Dirt Biking - McCall, Idaho
A family UTV, ATV and dirt bike adventure north of McCall in the California Lake area.